Eye Diseases in Ozona Florida


Have you noticed when there are accidents, one of the things responders do is check the eyes of the patient with a flashlight or penlight and note its response to the presence of light? They do this to check if the pupil response is normal and to see whether or not the nerves behind the eyes are damaged. If the response is abnormal, there is a big possibility of brain or nerve injuries. However, detection of any internal injuries may be compromised when you are suffering from an eye disease.


Eye Diseases in Ozona FloridaYou have probably heard of 20/20 vision. This signifies that your eyesight is normal. You can see objects and read words both near and far without the aid of reading glasses. However, having a 20/20 vision does not necessarily mean that your eyes are healthy. Sometimes, the beginning of an eye disease is lurking, thus the need to undergo regular eye checkups.  

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AMD, bulging eyes, cataracts, CMV Retinitis, DME, glaucoma, and Keratoconus are examples of eye diseases. Some eye diseases are not painful, but they affect the quality of our vision. They cause blurred vision, bleeding colors, or night blindness.

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Eye Diseases in Ozona Florida