Cataract Surgery Care in Tarpon Springs


Cataract Surgery Care in Tarpon SpringsAs we age, our body undergoes a myriad of changes that either generally slows or breaks down our internal workings. Our metabolism goes slower, making us gain weight easily. Our skin slowly loses its binding material called collagen, giving us wrinkles. Our eyes get clouded with oxidative changes in their lens, giving us cataracts.


As fulfilling and distinguishing growing old is, it comes with a little bit of troublesome ailments—inconveniences that are now reversible, thanks to recent advancements in medical science and technology.


Cataracts, for example, are now easily treated with newly developed and minimally invasive procedures. Many optical clinics offer cataract surgery care in Tarpon Springs for a very reasonable price. The procedure is relatively safe and very effective and only performed on an outpatient basis. An overnight stay is not required for cataract surgery care in Tarpon Springs as the procedure is simple and does not take long recovery time. When a cataract is removed, the cataract surgeon uses a high frequency ultrasound device that breaks the cloudy lens of the eyes into small pieces and then removes it gently with suction.


This procedure is called phacoemulsification and is performed through very small incisions, promoting faster healing and reduced risk of complications. After the removal of the clouded lens, the cataract surgeon will now insert a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL). After the closing of the incision, an eye shield is placed on the eye to protect it while recovering.


Other more expensive forms of cataract surgery care in Tarpon Springs are also available like laser cataract surgery. Although supposedly more accurate in performing certain steps in the procedure, laser-assisted cataract surgery may not necessarily improve safety, recovery time, and outcome.

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Cataract Surgery Care in Tarpon Springs