Glaucoma in Tarpon Springs


Glaucoma in Tarpon SpringsGlaucoma is a type of eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged due to an increased level of pressure inside the eye. Not all people with augmented eye pressure will have glaucoma.  A level of eye pressure may be normal to a person but may also be high to another. Glaucoma depends on the pressure that one’s eyes can tolerate. For this reason, it is important to undergo a comprehensive eye examination in order to determine the eye pressure level that is normal to a person.


There are a number of tests to detect glaucoma. This includes: 1. Visual Acuity Test, which determines how a patient sees at different distances with the use of a Snellen chart; 2. Visual Field test, which determines the patient’s side vision as the loss of peripheral eye images is a sign of glaucoma; 3. Dilated eye exam, where pupils are widened with the use of eye drops in order for the doctor to determine if there is damage in the optic nerve and retina; 4. Tonometry, which assesses the level of eye pressure by means of an instrument known as a tonometer; and 5. Pachymetry, which determines the thickness of the eye’s cornea with the use of an ultrasonic wave instrument.


Patients with glaucoma in Tarpon Springs may wonder how can they find an optical clinic that will have all these tests in their area at a very sensible rate. The answer is Eye Docs Optical. The clinic uses up-to-date equipment for every patient’s comprehensive eye examinations. Eye Docs Optical offers complete eye care services and tests for patients with glaucoma in Tarpon Springs that would suit their budget.


Detecting glaucoma at its early stage is very helpful in order to lessen the chances of vision loss. Hence, undergoing eye examination is a must to people with glaucoma in Tarpon Springs. Eye Docs Optical guarantees that their service will exceed their client’s expectation.